About Us

Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical, at the service of unicity

HE Advanced Nutrition Sa is a young and dynamic company committed in the research, development and production of innovative products with the highest standards of quality, born from the expertise of a heterogeneous staff linked to a common purpose: to provide unique solutions to the Taylor needs of Customer as commercial companies -manufacturers of drugs and food supplements -.


Uniqueness is the most valuable service we provide.

HE mission is to make UNIQUE our finished product- through innovative formulations, strict controls on quality and a quick service in order to cover the requirements. Our strategic potential, aimed at consolidating a close working relationship with clients, it feeds on technological and qualitative research.

HE solution from the Designing  - Research & Development - Evaluation of Regulatory  and Production till the Packaging is made to guarantee the customer, consumers and the environment, respecting the HACCP and GMP rules and today is under certification by Swiss Medic, TGA and BRC.

Research and Development
Regulatory Evaluation

The customer reports regarding the improvement of quality and service are systematically monitored and evaluated in order to achieve the uniqueness of the HE Product . Their demands are translated into rapid actions, appropriate and valorised in all the expertise areas by a dedicated staff that offers creative solutions and made for fitting measure.

Uniqueness is the most valuable service we provide.